About Us

And I won’t quit till I’m a star on Broadway (on Broadway).

That line from the infamous song “On Broadway” resonates with me. My time as a Production Stage Manager on Broadway in New York City is where I caught the bug for production and organizing. Planning is a major part of putting on a show and it was my job to ensure every detail, every set, and every one had what they needed prior to opening night. Night after night, strategically planning every nuance of a Broadway show, making sure that audience walked away having the best experience of their lives; it was what drove me, my motivation to give my best…to do my best!

This is the same passion that drives me today. I wanted to bring that same level of commitment and professionalism to my family and friends. The love of taking an idea, or a vision buried deep within and breathing life into it. Giving special attention to not only what’s being said but what isn’t and creating unique experiences for brides and grooms; bringing their dreams to life. This is what brings me joy, being a part of their special day, knowing that I helped make this day a dream come true for them.

From beginning to end, I strive to make every wedding, every event, a unique experience because even though your event isn’t taking place on a Broadway stage,I won’t quit till you’re a star of your very own special production! I believe that while the event is but for a moment in time, the memories last forever!

Certified Wedding & Event Planner

Christine Davis